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Mayor Szymanski’s assault on our Region’s Heritage

List of quotes originally compiled by Mike Puma, for Buffalo Rising, Uncovered Structural Engineering Report Declares Bethlehem Steel Administration Building Structurally Sound.

I’ve taken the liberty of assembling the best quotes from Mayor Szymanski that illustrate his ignorance and lack of foresight with this grand cathedral of industry:

“It’s time to move on. I think that building is a prime representation of this entire region. It used to be beautiful, it used to be full of work, and now it’s abandoned, unsafe, unused, unwanted and it’s time we got more progressive. Bring down that building, bring down the silos and bring down the grain elevators, and let’s get this city moving,” Szymanski said.
Told that the City of Buffalo was beginning to find new uses for its grain elevators, Szymanski answered, “That’s why Buffalo looks like it does.”
He also said he didn’t believe a building abandoned for about 30 years and without heat could come back, noting that two structural engineering reports cast doubt on the building’s future.
“That building has nothing but sentimental value,” Szymanski said.
From: Judge lifts stay on demolition, -Buffalo News 11/27/12
“Pittsburgh adjusted, Cleveland adjusted. Buffalo has not and if we don’t start making moves and start getting rid of stuff that is unusable, than we are going to continue to stay where we’re at, which is nowhere.”
“I am tired of hearing about our glorious past. I think preservation societies are only trying to preserve what once was as opposed to moving our region in a positive direction.”