Sign the Petition

Sign the petition to revoke the demolition order

We have an online petition and are starting to go door-to-door in Lackawanna. Saving this building will take a lot, the least of which is this easy-to-fill-out petition, please sign here! Your show of support with help us tell the Mayor of Lackawanna that you and your fellow signers want him to stop the County Court order for demolition of the Bethlehem Steel North Administration Building. You can contact Mayor Szymanski to tell him more about your reasons for signing here: 716-827-6464 or

From the petition

The Bethlehem Steel North Administration Building is a unique and historic Beaux-Arts structure designed by Lansing Holden in 1901. Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, it was built by Lackawanna Steel (later Bethlehem Steel) as a symbol of the wealth and taste of company leaders. It served as offices, the police station, infirmary, chemistry lab, and more during its lifetime. This building should remain an element of our waterfront economic development plan, repurposed for generations to come, and therefore should not be demolished. There are many ways to adaptively re-use the structure, and the building was declared structurally sound by the State Historic Preservation office this summer. It is out of the way of residential neighborhoods, fenced off and posted with “No Trespassing” signs; it is not a danger to the citizens of Lackawanna.


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