February 13: “Area Citizens Engage Team of Professionals to Rehabilitate Bethlehem Steel Administration Building as they await Ruling from Lackawanna”



When: Wednesday February 13, 2012  – 12:30pm
Where: Lackawanna City Court – City Hall Steps
Contact Lackawanna Industrial Heritage Group: Dana Saylor, (716) 218-8525

The Lackawanna Industrial Heritage Group (LIHG) has engaged the services of a team of well-respected preservation and planning professionals. The group, funded in part by a private donation, will assist in creating both feasibility and adaptive reuse studies for the 1901 Bethlehem Steel Administration Building. Declared structurally sound by an August engineering report, LIHG wants to show the public just what is possible at the site.

They will announce more details during a press conference at 12:30pm outside Lackawanna City Hall on Wednesday, February 13th. This will take place before the 1pm hearing where a City court judge will rule on the lawsuit brought by the group against Gateway Trade.

One of the team members is Barbara Campagna, formerly the Chief Architect at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a board member at the successful Richardson Olmsted Complex. She said, “We will create a plan for near and long-term development of this historic site by combining contemporary ideas and needs with a respect for our 20th century industrial story, providing cultural and economic benefits to the Lackawanna and Buffalo Niagara region residents and a destination for ever-increasing cultural heritage visitors. By preparing a comprehensive Feasibility & Adaptive Reuse Study, we will be using time tested planning tools to develop a responsible and sustainable approach towards the reinvention of the Bethlehem Steel Administration Building.

The building has everything we need to tell the story of our industrial heritage, connect it to our expanding and dynamic waterfront and demonstrate how preservation is one of the building blocks of economic revitalization in America and in Western New York.  The Richardson Olmsted Complex, the Martin House, Larkinville, the Central Terminal.  These were all places that had languished and deteriorated for decades but are now key to the remaking of Buffalo. Having spent the past 30 years involved in saving and rethinking the Richardson Olmsted Complex, I’m thrilled to have been asked to assist in the visioning of the Bethlehem Steel Administration Building.”

The LIHG will be pleased to share the group’s findings with the public, which will create jobs and facilitate economic development at this strategically important regional waterfront site.


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