I’m Steel Standing on Buffalo Rising

Originally published on Buffalo Rising, “I’m Steel Standing: A Celebration of Beth Steel’s Administration,” 2012 11 14.

“We’re not giving up on this one…”

That’s the overall message that preservationists are sending along these days, despite the colder temperatures setting in. In a surprise turn of events, supporters of the historic Bethlehem Steel Administration Building are doing anything but sitting by resting idle.
This Sunday, November 18 at 2pm, friends of the administration building will be gathering at the site in order to pay homage to the structure, while raising awareness as to the importance of the building both in a historical sense and as a reuse opportunity.
It’s not hard to take a look at this beauty and imagine major events taking place along the shores of Lake Erie. As positive developments extend from downtown Buffalo to the footstep of the site in question (see Union Ship Canal Commons), there has never been a better time to think about the importance of this landmark. The Bethlehem Steel Administration Building should be considered a significant ‘bookend’ to a number of waterfront projects, with an anchor role to play in authentic waterfront development. There are no other buildings (such as this) along this stretch of waterfront that could serve to host a community that is anxious to visit significant landmarks as they are reconditioned for modern day, year ’round uses.

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